How Do I Get Music From My Iphone to My Computer?

iTunes allows you to transfer files between your computer and your mobile devices. Connect your computer to your device. Click the Device button on the top left of the iTunes window in the iTunes software on your PC. To share files, go to File Sharing. Select the app on your device that you wish to transfer a file to or from from the list on the left.

Similarly, How can I get the Music off my iPhone?

Overview of Procedures Connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your computer and launch iExplorer. On the Device Overview screen, click the Music button (or Media Library in the left panel). Choose from the following options after your media has loaded: AUTO TRANSFER – Press the Auto Transfer button > Select “Auto-Recover All Items to iTunes” from the drop-down menu. Start the Auto Transfer process.

Also, it is asked, How do I transfer Music from my iPhone to my laptop without iTunes?

Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cord > To allow the program to access your iPhone, enter the passcode > Select the option to transfer to a computer. Step 2: Select the music you wish to transfer to your computer by clicking the “+” button.

Secondly, How do I transfer Music from my phone to computer?

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cord. Tap the “Charging this device over USB” notice on your phone. Select File Transfer under “Use USB for.” On your PC, an Android File Transfer window will appear.

Also, Is there an alternative to iTunes for iPhone?

TunesGo is one of the greatest iPhone, iPad, and iPod alternatives to iTunes. It allows you to simply manage and transfer your iPhone, iPad, and iPod data from any PC or Mac. On iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you may edit, transfer, manage, backup, and view music, photographs, videos, contacts, messages, and more.

People also ask, How do I download all of my music from iTunes?

Installing the Apple Music app on an Android smartphone allows you to download all of your Apple Music tunes. All songs, albums, and playlists are displayed in the app’s “Library” section. Simply hit the “Download” button after you’ve found what you want to download.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the best way to download music?

What Is The Best Way To Get Paid Android Apps For Free? . 2022SoundCloud | Top 15 Music Download Websites SoundCloud is a famous music streaming service that also allows you to download tracks for free. ReverbNation.\sJamendo.\sSoundClick.\sAudiomack.\sAudionautix.\sNoiseTrade.\sBeatstars

What should I use to replace iTunes?

If iTunes for Windows isn’t working for you, try one of the following 10 best iTunes alternatives as your preferred media organizer and player. VLC Media Player is a free music player. MusicBee. Amarok. PotPlayer.\sFoobar2000. Classic Media Player ACG Player, MediaMonkey

What took the place of iTunes?

When Mac users upgrade their software, Apple stated that music in your library would be transferred to the Apple Music app, and TV and movie purchases will be transferred to the Apple TV app. The iTunes Music Store will be accessible through the Music app, while the TV app will allow users to purchase movies and TV episodes.

What replaced iTunes on Windows?

Apple determined in 2019 that it was time to split iTunes into various applications, therefore the program was retired and replaced with the Music, TV, and Podcasts apps in macOS Catalina.

Can I transfer music from iTunes to a USB stick?

To transfer music from iTunes to a USB drive, plug the drive into a USB port and open it so it appears as a folder on your desktop. Then, as follows, highlight the songs you desire in your iTunes library: Click on a song to make it stand out. Click the first song, hold Shift, then click the last to highlight a group of tracks.

How do I transfer music from iPod to USB without iTunes?

How to Copy Music from an iPod to a USB Flash Drive To begin, launch TunesMate. Connect your iPod and flash drive. Step 2: Go to the “Music” tab and click it. Choose a playlist on the left and right-click it. Step 3: From the menu, choose “Export to PC/Mac,” then navigate to and select the flash drive as your destination.

How do I export a playlist from iTunes to MP3?

Click the name of the iTunes playlist that contains the MP3 files you’re converting. The playlist’s tracks display in the middle of iTunes. The first song in the playlist should be selected. At the top of iTunes, choose “Advanced.” Select “Create MP3 version” from the drop-down menu. The playlist has been converted to MP3 format.

How do I connect a USB stick to my iPhone?

Connect a USB drive or an SD card reader to your computer. Using an appropriate connection or adapter, connect the USB drive or SD card reader to the charging port on your iPhone. The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, or the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader may be required (all sold separately).

Can you permanently Download songs from Apple Music?

If you bought tracks, you may retain them and download them to other devices without paying anything more. If you have an Apple Music membership and have downloaded music from it, they will become unplayable if you cancel your subscription.

How do I export music from Apple Music?

Do one of the following in the Music app on your Mac: To save all of the music information in a text file, do the following: Choose File > Library > Export Playlist from the left-hand sidebar after selecting a playlist. In the “Save as type” pop-up option, make sure “Text files” is chosen.

How do I Download my entire iTunes Library from iCloud?

iCloud music may be downloaded. Choose Music from the pop-up menu in the upper left of the iTunes software on your PC, then select Library. Select iCloud Download from the drop-down menu. Click Downloaded in the left-hand sidebar to see just the things you’ve downloaded.

Which is the safest site to download free music?

Sites to Download Free Music Legally (2020) SoundCloud. Jamendo. Amazon Music Store is available for free. PureVolume. NoiseTrade. Google Play Store is an app store for Android devices. Archive of Free Music. The Internet Archive is a website dedicated to preserving the past.

Can you still download music for free?

You may get free music downloads without having to pay for a streaming membership on the internet. Free music downloads are simple to get by thanks to websites like Free Music Archive, SoundCloud, and BandCamp.

How can I download music without paying?

Check out SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Jamendo, or SoundClick if you’re seeking for a large selection of free music downloads in a range of genres. All of them may be found online or as applications for iOS and Android. DatPiff is a great place to go if you’re looking for new urban music.

Is there a better music library than iTunes?

The first is MusicBee. MusicBee is a fantastic alternative to iTunes, with a user-friendly design and a plethora of capabilities, including some that are particularly handy for the web.

Is iTunes still available for Windows 2021?

Users can no longer download iTunes with the recent upgrade to the Microsoft Store.

Is there an iTunes Store anymore?

Is the iTunes Store going to be phased out? Apple will preserve the store and its features in the Apple Music app, but the iTunes brand will be phased out. You can use it to purchase new music and albums, but if you have Apple Music, you won’t need a shop.

Is Apple Music same as iTunes?

From music and movies to TV shows and podcasts, iTunes has it all. While Apple Music is primarily a music streaming service, iTunes is both a virtual media player and a digital media library in one.

What is iTunes called now?

Apple Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts will replace the software you’re used to, which is known as plain ol’ iTunes.

How do I export a playlist from iTunes to my computer?

Make a backup of a single playlist or use it on another machine using iTunes: Choose File > Library > Export Playlist, then XML from the Format pop-up option after selecting the playlist in the left sidebar. Make a backup of your whole playlist: Select File > Library > Export Library from the File menu.

How do I transfer music from iPod to computer for free?

How to Use iTunes to Transfer Music from an iPod to a Computer Connect your iPod to your computer via a USB cord, and then trust the computer. To sync your bought songs to the iTunes library, go to “File” > “Devices” > “Transfer Purchases from [your iPhone name].” You may now transfer music from your iPod to your PC.

How do I transfer music from my old iPod to Windows 10 for free?

Follow these steps to transfer music from your iPod or iPhone to your Windows 10 hard drive. Install TouchCopy on your computer or laptop. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to TouchCopy. Select the songs you want to copy from the list of music on your device. In TouchCopy, choose “Copy to PC.”


The “how to transfer music from pc to iphone without itunes” is a question that has been asked many times. The first step in getting your songs onto your iPhone is by syncing the device with iTunes. If you have already done this, try updating your phone or computer.

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