How Old Was Shirley Jones in the Music Man?

Similarly, Did Shirley Jones sing in Music Man?

0:104:44 Because Warner Brothers was producing it and Frank was a great celebrity, he agreed to provide the music. To do the music guy because Warner Brothers was producing it, and Frank was a tremendous celebrity, a singer, as we all know, and they wanted the name value of Mr.

Also, it is asked, Who passed away from The Partridge Family?

David Cassidy is a singer.

Secondly, How is Shirley Jones doing?

4:185:23 Mother and son as a family Shirley Jones’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. shirley jones is an actress and singer from the United States. Shirley Jones net wealth includes her mother and son. Shirley Jones is a singer and actress from the United States with a net worth of $25 million.

Also, Was Shirley Jones pregnant during filming of Music Man?

Shirley Jones was expecting a child at the time the film was being made. When Sarah and Robert Preston hugged on the footbridge, her unborn child, Patrick Cassidy, kicked Preston. To hide her pregnancy, the costume designers had to modify her outfits many times.

People also ask, Was Lida Rose written for The Music Man?

Written for The Music Man, a theater musical.

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Is Danny Bonaduce married?

Amy Railsbackm, Amy Railsbackm, Amy Railsbackm, Amy Rails Bonaducem, Gretchen Hillmer, 1990–2007 1985–1988: Setsuko Hattorim

Who is Shirley Jones married to?

1977–2015: Marty Ingelsm 1956–1974: Jack Cassidym

How old is Danny from The Partridge Family?

62 years old (Aug.) Age / Danny Bonaduce

Why was David Cassidy’s daughter cut from his will?

Her life is very different.” “It is my particular goal not to grant any benefits hereunder to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy and/or any descendent of Katherine Evelyn Cassidy,” the “Partridge Family” actor said in his will, which was filed in 2004 and acquired by the Blast this week.

What did Shirley Jones say about David Cassidy’s death?

On November, David Cassidy passed away. Jones made a public statement the day following his death, saying, “Long before he portrayed my son on The Partridge Family, he was my stepson in real life.”

When Gordon MacRae was brought in to replace Frank Sinatra, Shirley Jones was unable to re-record that line. This line is sung on the soundtrack album by Jones’ voice.

How tall is Shirley Jones?

5′ 5″ Shirley Jones / Stature

Did Shirley Jones sing in The Partridge Family?

“It was just the other day when I dusted it.” “The Partridge Family” was about a musical family led by Shirley Jones who played catchy, hook-laden pop songs. Only Jones and Cassidy were capable of singing. The other performers pretended to play their instruments by lip-syncing.

Did Robert Preston do his own singing in The Music Man?

Robert Preston said that despite his low vocal range, he was cast as Harold Hill because the males were required to perform “Trouble” during the audition. The producers thought it would be the most difficult song to sing, but Preston found it to be the simplest because of his acting expertise.

How old was Robert Preston in The Music Man?

Robert Preston lived for 68 years (1918–1987) and died at the age of 68.

Is River City Iowa a real place?

Meredith Willson’s River City is based on Mason City, Iowa, which is located in north-central Iowa. The Winnebago River runs through it, as does Willow Creek, which meanders behind the music man’s childhood house. The city, which has a population of 28,079, was founded in 1853 and established in 1870.

Who played Marian the Librarian in The Music Man?

The actress appears alongside Hugh Jackman, who portrays the smooth-talking con artist Harold Hill, in a splashy new Broadway production of Meredith Willson’s 1957 musical “The Music Man.”

How old is Gretchen Bonaduce?

56 years old (Septem.) Bonaduce, Gretchen Hillmer / Age

Is Danny Bonaduce on drugs?

After ‘Partridge Family,’ Danny Bonaduce recounts battle drug addiction: I was living behind a dumpster, ‘famous and destitute’ – New York Daily News.

Who is Gretchen Bonaduce married to now?

Danny Bonaduce is a well-known actor. Gretchen Hillmer Bonaduce (m. 1990–2007) / Spouse

Who is Shirley Jones son?

Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy, Ryan

Who played 4 year old Ricky on The Partridge Family?

Mr. Segall started acting on stage when he was two years old. He was cast as series regular Ricky Stevens on “The Partridge Family” when he was four years old.

How long was Danny Bonaduce married?

16 years old

What age is Danny Bonaduce?

62 years old (Aug.) Age / Danny Bonaduce

What was David Cassidy’s cause of death?

Failure of the liver Cause of Death for David Cassidy

How much did David Cassidy make on The Partridge Family?

Cassidy’s weekly wage was barely $600. Despite the fact that the program was a smash and that record sales were at all-time highs, the cast was not becoming any wealthier. The exploitation of Cassidy, who had become a teen hero and celebrity, was particularly severe.

According to studio logs, she was called in to sing “If I Loved You” for Shirley Jones in the film version of Carousel, which was released in February 1956, despite the fact that she later claimed to have no recollection of doing so, and Jones, unlike many of the actresses for whom she worked as a vocal stand-in, had an excellent singing voice.

Contact The Writer According to actress Shirley Jones, Frank Sinatra stormed off the set of the film version of “Carousel” because his then-wife, Ava Gardner, threatened to have an affair with cinematic star Clark Gable.

Carousel is one of the most tuneful and melancholy musicals to come out of the Hollywood musical machine during the fertile 1950s, with most of it filmed on location in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

What were Shirley Jones measurements?

5′ 5″ Shirley Jones / Stature

When was Shirley Jones born?

Ma. (88 years old) Shirley Jones was born on / / / / / / / /

Is Shirley Jones living?

Actor SingerComedian Actor in a filmStage actor

Where was the musical Oklahoma filmed?

Sonoita is a town in Arizona.

How did Shirley Jones and David Cassidy get cast in The Partridge Family?

Initially, David Cassidy was only paid a weekly salary of $600. Shirley Jones was meant to be the only cast member who could sing at first. After hearing David Cassidy’s samples of the songs, the producers decided to let him perform as well.

Who is Ethel in Music Man?

Marcellus’ girlfriend is Ethel. “A very comfy girl and the bosses’ niece,” Marcellus says of her. Ethel does some acting, singing, and dancing. Ethel is another one of the Pick-a-Little women who works alone. Make sure she and Marcellus complement each other, like Ethel and Fred from I Love Lucy!

Who plays Mrs widow Paroo in The Music Man?

Mullen, Marie

Who is the only person in River City with any musical training?

When Harold arrives in River City, he runs across Marcellus Washburn, an old buddy and shill who has “gone legit” and is now one of the locals. Marian Paroo, the librarian who teaches piano lessons, is the only skilled musician in town, Marcellus informs Harold.


The “how old was robert preston in the music man” is a question that has been asked many times. Shirley Jones was 27 when she played the role of Marian Paroo in The Music Man.

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