What Was the Best Decade for Music?

Similarly, Which decades had the best music?

According to Americans, the 1980s had the finest music of any decade. The 1980s, according to 40% of Americans, were the decade that produced the finest music, closely followed by the 1970s (37%) and the 1990s (37%). (32 percent ). As expected, opinions on the finest musical period differed by age.

Also, it is asked, Which year was the best year for music?

Thanks to its pack-leading 10 top 250 releases, which included Daft Punk’s Discovery, Bjork’s Vespertine, Jay-The Z’s Blueprint, The Strokes’ Is This It, and System of a Down’s Toxicity, the survey, carried out by online file conversion site Convertr.org, names 2001 as the finest year for music.

Secondly, Why was the 1980s the best decade for music?

Due to the fact that everyone contributed something fresh and interesting, the decade was probably referred to as the “golden era of music.” It was a golden age since a new genre was developing at the time. Additionally bearing their own, artists largely depended on star power.

Also, Why is 1999 the best year for music?

Because of this, 1999 was among the finest years ever for popular music. The Internet and music started their partnership. The Slim Shady LP was released by Eminem. The Simpsons featured Elton John. It was released by TLC. One-trick ponies. The Soft Bulletin by Flaming Lips marked their breakthrough. the well-known music videos of Chris Cunningham.

People also ask, Was 1990 the worst year in music?

The most devastating 12-month period the charts have ever seen occurred in 1990, and this year is its 30th anniversary.

Related Questions and Answers

Why 2009 was the best year for music?

15 Arguments Everything in the pop music industry changed in 2009 The biggest pop performer on the globe now is Lady Gaga. The summer was all about the Black Eyed Peas. David Guetta visited America. Rihanna became the victim of pop music and Chris Brown the villain. 50 Cent was a bust. The death of auto-tune was pronounced by Jay-Z.

Was the 60s the best decade for music?

Dedicated music fans will contend that the 1960s were the greatest musical era ever. When rock music was at its purest, it was in the early 1960s. As the decade came to a close, the pure rock genre gave way to psychedelic rock, blues rock, and folk rock, all of which had gained popularity during the decade.

The style of music from the 1980s is distinctive. That is mostly because to the better equipment available to bands in the 1980s compared to those in the 1970s. Synthetic drums, VOX and auto tuning, drone chords, and better amps all gained popularity in the 1980s.

Was the 70s the best decade for rock?

The finest period for rock & roll was the 1970s, the decade of polyester and disco.

Why was 70s rock so good?

The sheer quantity and diversity of music that was being produced and performed throughout the 1970s was its greatest achievement. Musicians in the 1970s carried various well-established genres of music to new and astonishing areas, influenced by the tide of change in the 1960s. Others exposed the globe to new musical customs.

What decade was the best to live in?

Most people like recent decades. One in five respondents said the 1990s were the finest decade to have lived through, while 21% said the 1980s were the best decade to have lived through. Few people choose for the bygone 1930s or 1940s. While younger Americans choose more recent decades, elderly Americans prefer decades deeper in the past.

The variety of 90s music was beautiful, as was the way musicians improved earlier forms and added a sound depth and attitude that reflected the decade’s optimism and, at times, desperation. Late-80s hair metal was a roaring fire that grunge put out.

What was the best decade for rap?

Hip-hop academics would mostly agree that the 1990s were the “Golden Age” of the music. Rappers in the 1990s developed more avant-garde and contentious styles by building on the pioneering work of the 1980s.

Why do people love 90s music?

We are affected in many ways by nostalgic music. According to study from the University of Southampton, it may help us feel less melancholy and lonely. According to study published online in February, it could also encourage our creative thinking. The 1990s should go on as the era that was actually beneficial to us.

Is 2012 the best year for music?

But there is one thing that triple j listeners got right: 2012 was the finest musical year of the last 10 years. Twenty songs from 2012 were chosen for the list, six more than from 2013, which came in second.

Was 1984 the best year for music?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ debut, Prince’s Purple Rain album, and the Band Aid CD all contributed to 1984 being chosen the finest year for music by Brits.

What’s the worst song ever?

On Buzzfeed’s list of the 30 worst songs ever, “Nookie” came in at number one. It should be illegal to be Fred Durst, according to Buzzfeed writer Ryan Broderick. In a reader vote conducted by the St. Paul Pioneer Press to choose the worst song in history, “Thong Song” came in first place.

Was 2009 a good year?

With job losses, house foreclosures, and an unhealthily weak economy, almost three-fourths of Americans believe 2009 was a disastrous year for the nation. The most recent AP-GfK survey found that 42% of respondents assessed it as “very poor.” That is obviously worse than the last such survey, which was conducted in 2006.

When did pop music peak?

Some others argue that it must be 1977, the year of the punk movement, or 1988, the year of the second summer of love for acid house. Some contend that a time period—possibly hip-golden hop’s era, which ran from 1987 to 1993—is more fitting.

What was music like in the 80S and 90s?

Party music, experimental electronic music, and sultry R&B ballads dominated the eighties, and these trends persisted in the nineties along with a backlash against digital pop music.

Was neon 80S or 90s?

In the middle of the 1980s, 80s fashion traveled down the neon rainbow. Numerous items of neon clothing were oversize sweatshirts, which was one of the day’s most popular fashions. Hot pink, yellow, orange, and green hues were prevalent. Accessories started to become bright as well, joining in on the 80s color trend.

What was 70’s music about?

Music referred to as “’70s music” was created and distributed in the 1970s, particularly in the US and the UK. Although the psychedelic rock movement was in decline, the music of the early 1970s was heavily inspired by that of the 1960s, with bands like Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Queen.

What is special about 70s music?

The best songs from the 1970s felt tremendously varied in both of sound and subject matter. There are dance-related issues, as well as concepts for a better society, liberation, drug use, superstition, and songs we have no knowledge about at all.

Why was the 60s the best decade?

How one-third of us preferred to live in the Swinging 1960s: Because it was a “era of change for the better,” the decade has been declared the finest in history. It is still remembered as a carefree era of invention, harmony, style, and excellent music. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the 1960s have been voted the finest decade in history.


The “best decade of all time” is a question that has been asked many times. This was the best decade for music, according to Rolling Stone.

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