When Did Play That Funky Music Come Out?

Rob Parissi wrote the song “Play That Funky Music,” which was performed by the group Wild Cherry. The Sweet City record label, located in Cleveland, issued the song for the first time in April 1976. Epic Records handled distribution.

Similarly, What year was Play That Funky Music popular?

Also, it is asked, When was Play That Funky Music White Boy written?

Play That Funky Music,” which was made available as a single in April 1976, was a huge success, topping the mainstream and R&B charts on Billboard.

Secondly, Who wrote the song Play That Funky Music White Boy?

Vanilla IceEarthquakeRob Parissi

Also, When did I Will Survive come out?

1978 I Will Live / I Am Free

People also ask, Who played bass for wild cherry?

Bassist Allen Wentz, Wild Cherry

Related Questions and Answers

What genre is Wild Cherry?


Where is the band Wild Cherry from?

Ohio’s Mingo Junction Cherry Wild / Origin Along the Ohio River in Jefferson County, Ohio, in the United States, lies a community called Mingo Junction. The Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Mingo Junction. 3,454 people were included in the population in 2010. Wikipedia

How do you grow Prunus avium?

Prunus avium requires warm or cold weather with full sun exposure. They do well against the cold. They thrive in light, organically rich soil but may even grow in rocky environments. Autumn is the time for planting.

What is Wild Cherry Good For?

A plant is wild cherry. Medicine is made from the bark. Wild cherry is used to treat cancer, diarrhea, gout, digestive issues, pain, whooping cough, bronchitis, and other lung conditions. Due to its sedative, expectorant, drying, and cough-suppressing properties, it is also used in cough syrups.

Can you eat wild cherry?

A wild cherry’s profusion of white, foamy blossoms is a sight to see. It grows naturally in woodlands and hedges as well as when planted as an ornamental tree. The familiar and beloved cherry are found in its red fruits.

Who played drums for Wild Cherry?

Wild Cherry drummer Ronald Beitle

What genre is Abba dancing queen?


When was Dancing Queen released?

Dance Queen was released in 1976.

Who was the lead singer in the group Wild Cherry?

Lead vocalist of Wild Cherry, Rob Parissi

Are cherries bad for dogs?

When feeding dogs, use extreme caution. Cherries Cherry pits, stems, and leaves contain cyanide, which is deadly and may be fatal if taken in large enough amounts. This is the greatest risk associated with cherries. Cherry pits may also get stuck in a dog’s digestive system and obstruct its intestines.

Are cherry trees poisonous to humans?

Prunasin, a cyanide known as prussic acid that when consumed, may be lethal, is present in the leaves and twigs of wild cherry bushes. When the leaves are under stress, which makes them wilt, the poison becomes dangerous because the prunasin is broken down and the cyanide is released.

Can I eat the cherries on my cherry tree?

Cherry fruit is generally safe to eat, but you should avoid the fruit pits, bark, leaves, and stem since these plant components may be poisonous.

Is Prunus avium native to UK?

Fruits of the Prunus avium (Wild Cherry) range in color from brilliant red to deep purple. Since ancient times, Britain’s hedgerows and forests have been illuminated by the white bloom of our native cherries. In the spring, the flower puts on a spectacular show. Insects come to the tree to pollinate the blooms because of its scent and tasty nectar.

Can you keep a wild cherry tree small?

For all varieties of cherry, the first pruning and training are the same. You may teach them to stand alone as a little tree (often referred to as a bush) or to hang from wires that are no more than 30 cm apart as a fan.

Is wild cherry Good for smoking?

Meats that have been smoked with wild cherry wood have a little sweet smoked flavor and a light mahogany gloss. It is a versatile wood that complements a variety of meats, including deer and salmon, and is a good option for beginning smokers.

What is black cherry wood?

The most expensive hardwood for furniture in America is probably natural cherry wood. Cherry, a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood from the American Black Cherry fruit tree, is unquestionably our best-selling product. Cherry is well-known among furniture connoisseurs and woodworkers for its color and aging process.

Are wild cherry trees poisonous to horses?

Unfortunately, the bark from chokecherries and wild cherries, as well as the leaves, which are especially poisonous when stressed or wilted, produce cyanide. After ingesting the leaves, a horse might actually pass out within minutes.

Are sour cherries poisonous?

Like other cherries, the seed contains elements that, when combined with water, transform into cyanide/prussic acid, which, although being very toxic, may, in small doses, accelerate respiration and enhance digestion.

Are white cherries good for you?

Cherries are very healthy and have a number of advantages. Eating them may enhance sleep, improve heart health, and hasten recovery after exercise in addition to containing a variety of potent plant components that may help decrease inflammation.

Can you eat black cherries?

Like most berries, wild black cherries have a sweet and astringent taste that is scrumptious and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Even if the cherries do include pits, Brittany enjoys eating them on their own. Jams, sauces, and reductions made with the berries are very delicious.

Can sheep eat cherry pits?

In addition to the leaves of the wild cherry tree, the seeds are also known to contain high quantities of cyanide. There may be a reason why there are less problems with the cherry seed as opposed to the leaf since the cherry seed’s edible flesh is safe to consume.

What is ABBA’s most famous song?

When Sweden won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with “Waterloo,” ABBA achieved their first level of international stardom. One of the first uplifting pop songs to win the competition, “Waterloo” was chosen by voters as the competition’s top song on the occasion of the competition’s 50th anniversary.

When was Waterloo released?

1974 Released / Waterloo


“Play That Funky Music, White Boy” is a song written by James Brown and released in 1965. It was one of the first songs to use “funk,” which is a style of music that came out during the 1960s. The song’s lyrics are about how black people were not allowed to play their own music, but it has been played for decades now.

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