When Will 939 Start With Christmas Music?

The station stated Monday that starting at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, 93.9 Lite FM would play only Christmas music till the end of 2021. Only Christmas music is often played on the station from November through January.

Similarly, What FM station plays only Christmas music?

Christmas music on KOST 103.5 radio is only one of the many factors that make it LA’s favorite station, according to Daily News.

Also, it is asked, When should Christmas music start?

Thanksgiving and the days after it are the best times to listen to Christmas music, according to BYU student Bryson Kimura.

Secondly, What Chicago radio stations are playing Christmas music?

As Chicago’s Christmas music station, 93.9 LITE FM gives its listeners one of the nicest gifts of the season.

Also, What radio station plays Christmas music 24 hours a day?

Regardless of the season, you may open this Christmas present: Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, is Christmas. Regardless of the season, you may open this Christmas present: Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, is Christmas.

People also ask, Is November too early for Christmas music?

It’s never too early to get into the holiday mood, but it’s never appropriate to play Christmas music in November.

Related Questions and Answers

When Christmas songs start playing in November?

1 November

Is it bad luck to listen to Christmas songs early?

Is Singing Christmas Songs Before December 25 Unlucky? The custom of visiting people’s homes and singing Christmas carols to them is known as carolling. It is bad luck to sing Christmas songs outside of the holiday season.

What radio frequency is heart Christmas?

Does 93.9 Lite FM play Christmas music?

The 93.9 LITE FM logo has changed to red and green on our website and social media sites, which can only mean one thing, as you may have seen. Important holiday news Listen at 8:20 AM on November 2nd.

How can I listen to Christmas music for free?

Top 8 Websites for Free Christmas Music Online ListeningAccuHolidays Holiday radio. Last.fm Advent Radio. Christmas Web Radio Player. SHUFFLEcast Radio AOL Radio Holiday Playlist. Holiday Channels on Radioio. Christmas carol jukebox You may listen to full albums of free Christmas music online with Jingle Bell Jukebox.

Why do radio stations play Christmas music so early?

While we all like music that gives us a sense of the approaching holiday season, many of us are undoubtedly curious as to why radio stations start playing Christmas music so early. The basic explanation is the higher ratings stations get when they play holiday music.

What station on XM radio is Christmas music?

Available right now until Sunday, December 26 on channel 71 through satellite and the SXM App. For the holidays, Hallmark Channel Radio is back with classic Christmas songs and carols that honor the pleasure of the season.

Why can’t I get heart Xmas on my DAB radio?

Try retuning your DAB digital radio to see if you can pick up Heart Extra Xmas or HeartXms if you can’t see them in your DAB station list.

How do I get the Christmas Heart radio station?

Heart Xmas, along with Global’s other radio stations, carefully chosen music playlists, and podcasts, are all available for free listening via the Global Player service. Or, if you just want to hear it live, look for the station in Sonos Radio.

How do you get Alexa Christmas music?

Amazon.com: Alexa Skills for Christmas Radio. This skill may be accessible on all of your available Alexa devices by activating it. All of your favorite Christmas and holiday music, 24/7. Once the ability is activated, you may ask Alexa to play Christmas music by saying “Alexa, open Christmas radio.”

What Christmas radio stations can Alexa play?

Christmas music and timeless melodies may be heard on Hallmark Channel Radio. Country Christmas – Traditional holiday tunes and fresh seasonal music from legendary and modern country performers. R&B holiday favorites comprise Holiday Soul. Acoustic Christmas – Popular singers and composers’ acoustic renditions of well-known holiday standards.

What stations play Christmas music on Alexa?

Alexa may start the 106.9 HD-2 internet broadcast with the Christmas Station skill. Year-round Christmas music is played on the Christmas Station (KRWM HD-2). Christmas classics by Burl Ives, Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, and a host of other artists.

Should Christmas music be played before Thanksgiving?

At the very least, Christmas music need to wait until after Thanksgiving. If you start listening to Christmas tunes any earlier, you’ve undoubtedly forgotten how to spell the festival properly and spell it “Xmas.”

Is it okay to listen to Christmas music in November?

Thus, whether you’re listening to “All I Want for Christmas is You (Extra Festive),” “Carol of the Bells,” or “Away in a Manger,” keep in mind that you are entirely justified in doing so, even though it’s the second week of November, 50 degrees, and bright outdoors.

Can you listen to Christmas songs in November?

You may listen all year long if that’s your thing, but you might want to wait if Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas, delays her performance of All I Want for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Therefore, you would need to wait until until Friday, November 29, this year, in order to follow Mariah’s timetable.

Why do radio stations play the same Christmas songs over and over?

But the fact that people desire to hear the songs is the key driver of their popularity. People who are already sick of it may find solace in the knowledge that there are some who are putting out great effort to prevent hearing another happy note after New Year’s Day. Until December of the next year, that is. or October if you live in Birmingham.

Why do stores play Christmas music in November?

The purpose of holiday creep is to allow shops to offer seasonal goods for longer periods of time in order to increase profits and give early-bird buyers a head start on the holiday.

When did trace Christmas?

Trace Xmas, which debuted on October 1st, will broadcast nonstop holiday music for the next three months.

Is Heart Christmas on all year round?

Heart Xmas, a rebranding of Heart Extra that debuted in 2016, includes all the sounds of the festive season. Since then, it has taken place every year, and this year, it will make its debut 10 days earlier than usual.

What channel is Heart FM on?

Heart FM’s Historical Record Heart FM, the third independent radio station to provide a regional service, was founded in the West Midlands and broadcasts on the 100.7 FM frequency.

What radio station plays Christmas music in Ontario?

98.1 CHFI

What channel is Christmas music on SiriusXM 2021?

To see the whole list, scroll down! Traditional Christmas music from the 1940s through the 1960s will be featured on Holiday Traditions (channel 71), including works by Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Ray Conniff, Bing Crosby, and Nat “King” Cole.

Does Sirius have a year round Christmas station?

When did it begin? Available year-round through streaming on the SiriusXM App and airing on Channel 73 from November 5 through December 26.

What is the number of Hallmark Radio on SiriusXM?

70 channel

How long will Lite FM play Christmas music?

IN CHICAGO Wednesday sees the return of nonstop Christmas music in Chicago. The station stated Monday that starting at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, 93.9 Lite FM would play only Christmas music till the end of 2021. Only Christmas music is often played on the station from November through January.


The “radio stations with christmas songs” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is simple: it starts on December 25th and goes through January 6th.

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