Why Isn’t Deep Cover on Apple Music?

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show “Deep Cover”, you may be wondering why it’s not available on Apple Music. Here’s what we know.

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Deep Cover is a 1992 album by American hip hop artist Dr. Dre and rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg. It is the debut album from both artists after working together on the single “Deep Cover”, which was also included on the soundtrack for the film Juice. The album was released on January 21, 1992, by Death Row Records and Interscope Records.

Despite being Dr. Dre’s solo debut album, Deep Cover was primarily produced by Snoop Dogg; Dre only handled co-production for three tracks, while seven were produced by other producers. The album features guest appearances from Michelle, Daz Dillinger, RBX and The Lady of Rage. Session keyboardist Rudolph Johnson also contributed to the album’s production. It spawned two singles: “Deep Cover” and “Ain’t Nothin’ but a G Thang”.

Although not commercially successful as Dre’s following albums, Deep Cover has been described as “one of the most influential gangsta rap albums of all time”,[1] and has been credited for helping West Coast gangsta rap gain mainstream exposure during the early 1990s.


Deep Cover is a popular podcast that investigates true crime stories. The podcast is produced by Wondery, a network of podcasts that includes other popular shows such as Dirty John and Dr. Death. Deep Cover is not available on Apple Music, but it is available on other popular platforms such as Spotify and Stitcher.

The Problem

As of September 2018, Deep Cover is not available on Apple Music. This is a problem for two reasons.

The first reason is that Deep Cover is an excellent album. It features very good production values, well-chosen samples, and tight lyrics. The album is also very consistent, with each song flowing nicely into the next. In short, it’s a great album that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

The second reason this is a problem is that Apple Music is the most popular streaming service in the world. By not having Deep Cover available on Apple Music, we are losing out on potential listeners. This is a shame, because Deep Cover has a lot to offer those who are willing to give it a chance.

The Solution

As of July 2019, Deep Cover is not available on Apple Music. While there are many streaming options available, this can be a problem for those who prefer to use Apple Music. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to get Deep Cover on Apple Music.

First, try searching for the album on another streaming service like Spotify or Tidal. If you’re able to find it, you can add it to your library and then sync your library with Apple Music.

If you’re still not able to find the album, you can try contacting the record label or artist directly and asking if they’re planning on making it available on Apple Music. It’s also possible to purchase the album directly from the artist’s website or other online retailers.

While it can be frustrating not to be able to find an album you want on your preferred streaming service, there are usually ways to work around it. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to get Deep Cover on Apple Music.

The Benefits

Deep Cover is an understatement when it comes to security for your Apple Music account. With this service, all of your music will be backed up in the cloud, so you can stream or download it anytime, anywhere. And if you lose your iPhone, don’t worry – as long as you have an internet connection, you can still access your entire music library. Plus, Deep Cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your music is safe and sound – even if your phone goes missing.

The Results

As of now, it does not appear that Deep Cover is available on Apple Music. This may be due to a number of factors, including the fact that the album is relatively old (it was released in 1992) and that it is not as well-known as some of Dr. Dre’s other work. It is also possible that Apple Music simply does not have the rights to Deep Cover or that Dre has chosen not to make it available on the platform for some reason.

The Future

In the future, all music will be streaming. Deep Cover is a new artist that is ahead of the curve. Deep Cover offers their entire discography to stream on their website for free. There are no ads, and there is no need to sign up for anything. Simply go to the website, click on the album you want to listen to, and hit play.

Deep Cover is not on Apple Music because they believe in this future of streaming. They do not want to be a part of a system that takes money from the artist. With Apple Music, the artist only gets paid a fraction of a penny per stream. Deep Cover wants to be paid fairly for their music, and they do not believe that Apple Music offers that.

If you’re an Apple Music user, don’t worry. You can still listen to Deep Cover’s music by going to their website and streaming it for free.


If youre wondering why Deep Cover isnt on Apple Music, the answer is simple: its not available for streaming.

The album was released in 1992 on Death Row Records, and while it did appear on streaming services like Spotify and Pandora in the past, its no longer available. Thats likely because of two reasons: first, the rights to the music have changed hands since then, and second, the album is no longer commercially successful enough to warrant streaming.

If you want to listen to Deep Cover, your best bet is to buy it on iTunes or another online music store. You can also find used copies of the CD for sale online, though they may be hard to come by.

Case Studies

As of July 2019, Deep Cover is not available on Apple Music. This is likely due to a variety of factors, including the fact that the album is not widely available on other streaming platforms, and that it has not been officially released on CD or vinyl. In addition, Deep Cover may not be included in Apple Music’s main catalogue due to its relatively niche appeal.

There are a number of possible explanations for why Deep Cover is not available on Apple Music. One possibility is that the album is not widely available on other streaming platforms, and Apple Music may not want to invest in acquiring it. Another possibility is that the album has not been officially released on CD or vinyl, and thus may not be included in Apple Music’s main catalogue. Finally, Deep Cover may simply have too niche an appeal to warrant inclusion in Apple Music’s main catalogue.


Apple Music is a streaming music service that offers access to millions of songs. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. Deep Cover is a 1992 album by American rapper Dr. Dre, his debut solo album after leaving N.W.A. The album features the hit single “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”, which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and helped make Dr. Dre one of the most popular rappers in the world. Despite its popularity, Deep Cover is not currently available on Apple Music. This may be due to licensing issues, or it could simply be an oversight by Apple. If you’re looking for Deep Cover on Apple Music, you’ll need to look elsewhere for now.

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